A Long Dash (Followed by Ten Seconds of Silence)

by Jake and the Leprechauns

(free) 03:14


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released November 22, 2008



all rights reserved


Jake and the Leprechauns Sherbrooke, Québec

Jake and the Leprechauns are now known as Harvest Breed


The Factory Session on Youtube: live versions of "When it breaks, it breaks", "Tangiers" and "Desolation Sound"

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Track Name: From an Attic Window in Amsterdam
Maybe we should find a house on the beach
Maybe we should move to Greece
Track Name: A Better Day Here

The willow trees
Are staring at the dark grass

A perfume of lilac
Fills the evening

Children are playing
With undying smiles

The song will not be played
And neither will the book
Be done by the morning

No more heartaches
And no more pain

The days and nights
Will become one and the same

The flowers will be smelled
And the morning papers read

The song will not be played
And neither will the book
Be done by the morning
Track Name: Discipline

Perhaps it is the pitchfork prodding the sodden earth,
though if it is, the connection remains somewhat elusive;
maybe the straightness of the handle,
or how deliberately the forget-me-nots have
entwined its prongs

But then again,
it is so hopelessly human,
this assigning intention—or even worse,
responsibility—to inanimate objects

It could, after all, only be me
and have little to do with external, discrete variables
(inclination of the growing grass, timing of the tides)

This sudden resolve
could be entirely my own
Track Name: January 1st, 1921
(for Donald McMahon)

Sat down at the frozen window—
a little flat in Dublin

Just a lonely Irish boy,
all I can see is this snow
piled up on the ground

If I could leave this town
without her,
never turn around
until it’s over
The war left me so broken, tired and empty,
just waiting in this cold city

It’s New Year’s 1921
and this everlasting storm won’t come down
But then, your red dress on the floor
starts to look like a metaphor
for everything that goes wrong
when you try to belong

If I could leave this town
without her
and never turn around
until it’s over
The war left me so broken, tired and empty,
just waiting in this cold city

I could have been a true writer,
and told everyone about the little things
that still make a difference in this world

I could have been the last sailor
to stumble upon an island
no one’s ever found
and finally wear my crown

If I could leave this town
without you
and never turn around
like my life’s over
This love left me
both stranded and strangely free,
just dreaming of eternity
Track Name: Ocean Song

A lost cabin, ramshackle grey
A broken down chimney
Our tiny mansion in the sun
What twisted, cruel destiny

After deserting your poor mother
The air thick with smother
We drifted for days
And how your body lays

And oh! my sweet, sweet bride
Sleeping here by my side
With dreams of unborn babies
And bright fields of poppies

This isn’t how it was to be
When we left our burning Normandy
But the Mistral pushed in
Before we’d cleared the country

So as I stand here, in my ragged skivvies
A lone semaphore with hands held high
I swear never again to leave this raft
The cover of the sheltering sky
Track Name: Waiting to Converge
The story had to begin somewhere
A random bar, some party
But where would we be
If I hadn’t been there?

That night it seemed
No walls could contain our dreams
Forgetting how small we were
Pretending distances didn’t matter

Buses, ambulances will shake this town
Dogs will bark without a sound
Such an obvious coincidence
Yet suddenly everything makes sense

But what of everything that came before?
The waiting and hoping for more
Untethered, the months will align
Quickly this becomes a sign

Every climb contains its fall
This certainty rattling my bones
Now I guess I could call
But this life won’t fit into phones

What’s the feel of water
Without the smell of the sea?
We’re two ships lost in the harbor
And things won’t change, Marie
Track Name: This Farm Life

I grew tired of all of it,
the jostling, the isolation,
And in another version of the same story,
moved out to the country

But the sweetness
of this time of year
brings back long nights
walking the busy streets,
wanting it so bad I could taste it

I was but a child then,
all hope still intact,
in a brief reprieve
from the throttling force of motion

And now this farm life
has also lost its glitter

I want to feel the rumbling of Central Station,
to hear the drunkards spilling out onto the avenue

I want to forget the way the dogwood flowers
bend to meet the morning dew

And if the old doldrums
once more begin to taint the journey,
take me home again,
but don’t ever let me stay
Track Name: Another Night of Cold Blankets

There is always a trigger,
a sound, a perfume,
a frame in time

Tonight, I am torn
between the graceful weightlessness
of your fingers
waltzing in the winter air
and the smooth curve
of your moving lips

This is another night
of cold blankets
and anemic traffic lights,
our dark overcoats,
like the prayer flags of Nepal,
flapping in the wind

We have lost track of words,
our voices just crossed in the night
like desperate cries for help
Track Name: Portland

What I never told you:
I drove to Portland
because I missed you
(middle of summer,
the town empty)
Even Portland stifled me

It’s come down to this,
your name, a mantra,
a few snapshots—
variegated kites flying high in the stale July sky,
the mystical smell of pumpkin in your creaking staircase

They burned in Wenceslas Square,
walls dissolving into ether;
my mother, sixteen, a child of the century
And now we burn,
soaking in milk and honey
Track Name: Only September

So you’re sitting on a park bench,
pondering the imponderable
The evening is young
and you’re trying to picture time
as a patchwork of muted stills

And though you know home
is not only the shanty you call the same,
or the trellis through which you sift
every new stimulus,
you cling to the last shards
of the illusion of perspective,
hoping for the smallest of epiphanies,
for a shadow of illumination

Because, after all, it is you,
sitting on a park bench,
waiting patiently,
and it is only September
Track Name: A Long Dash
A Long Dash

Wish I could remember more of it—this man, this mountain.
We came to it by foot
(as one does most important things),
up a steep, crumbling road,
shamed by two patient boys in sandals.

Lightness is just a state of mind, a grace that you will find.
For now you’re a muffled scream under a glass bell.

When everything starts falling apart, don’t go turning to art.